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  •   Spinners® is the World's First Re-Usable Fundraiser.
  •   Earn an Average of $210 Per Group Member!
  •   Earn up to 97.6% profit!
  •   No Money Up Front Needed!
  •   Over 50 Years Of Combined Fundraising Experience!
  •   Spinners® is Patent Pending.

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    ABC Fundraising® and The First Way Fundraising Group are proud to introduce Spinners®, a brand new fundraiser that can be used year after year and earn up to 97.6% Profit - Absolutely Guaranteed!

    With over 50 years of combined fundraising experience, we set out to create a fundraiser that groups can use over and over without having to purchase new products each time. The Spinners® fundraising product is the size of a standard DVD and is made of durable high quality plastic and won't perish, melt or fade.

    Spinners® Fundraising is perfect for School Fundraising, Church Fundraisers, Youth Group Fundraising or any type of organization! The Spinners® Fundraising Program can be used by anyone who needs to raise a lot of money fast!

    Wouldn't you love to keep almost all of the money you raise instead of splitting your profits with a candy bar or magazine company? With our new Spinners® fundraising program, not only can you profit up to 97.6%, but you can also use it over and over raising an unlimited amount of money!

    For example with 30 members, you will raise on average $6300 of which $5550 is your net profit. The following year or next fundraising campaign you will raise the same $6300 however your net profit will be as much as $6150!! (see profit chart for details)

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    Click HERE to Order Now. There is No Money Up Front Needed!

    This is the fundraiser the chocolate bar companies don't want you to know about!
  • Spinners™ is Patent Pending
    ©2006 ABC Fundraising®/The First Way Fundraising Group

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