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30 Day No Money Up Front Policy

Spinners® realizes that many groups do not have sufficient funds to begin their fundraiser. In fact, this is the reason most groups are fundraising in the first place. This is why we have created a"No Money Up Front" policy with 3 payment options.

*Option : No Money Up Front via Check By Phone
Spinners® can set up your fundraiser with a check payment by phone or fax. Your check can be deposited 30 days from your delivery date giving you a full month financing. If you prefer, you may choose to do a check by fax. We will provide the form to fill out and fax back.

BONUS: If you would like Spinners® Fundraising to cash the check at time of purchase you will receive an extra 10% Free Spinners® If you prefer to do a Check on Delivery (COD) we can have UPS pick up a check at time of delivery for an extra cost of $15.00.

Option : No Money Up Front with a Purchase Order
Simply fax the purchase order to Spinners® and we will send you a bill which will be due within 30 days from your delivery date. Our fax number is 323-667-0065.

This method is used for public schools and government run organizations with an official purchase order system.

Option : Financing with Any Major Credit Card
You may also choose to finance your fundraiser with any major credit card. ABC Fundraising will charge your card at the time of purchase, and you will simply pay your credit card bill when you receive your monthly credit card statement. This will give you plenty of time (in most cases, 30 days) to run your fundraiser before having to pay your bill from your credit card company.

BONUS: Receive 20% extra Free Spinners®

*There is a 1 time mandatory up front administration fee of $20.00 for Option A. Ask your representative for details.

*Orders of less than 10 Spinners must be paid for up front with a credit card or money order.
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