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The SPINNERS® Fundraiser Story

ABC Fundraising® and The First Way Fundraising Group have been working together for over a decade promoting the incredibly profitable Scratch & Help® Fundraiser with up to 90% profit. In that time the Scratch & Help® fundraiser has been used by over 50,000 organizations and has helped raise over 100 million dollars and is considered to be the most profitable fundraiser on the market today. Until Now!

Even though the Scratch and Help® fundraiser has been considered by experts in the fundraising community to be the most profitable fundraiser on the market, the two companies wanted to create a product that would be even more profitable and even more successful. Combining their 50 years of fundraising experience, Matthew Fass, John Hepworth and Jamie Speirs set out to build on the idea of collecting small donations by using an innovative fundraising apparatus. "The main goal was to figure out a way to create a product that groups could use over and over without having to spend a fortune on new products each year," says Matt Fass, owner of ABC Fundraising®.

"Spinners® is the next generation scratch card" says Jamie Speirs. "Since there is nothing to scratch off, the Spinners® fundraising game can be used time and time again".

To make the fundraiser even more profitable the company added a $4 spot and upped the coupon pad from 25 to 50 sheets. Scratch and Help® can only raise a maximum of $100 while Spinners® can technically raise up to $400. "The average group however will raise $210 or a total of 97.6% Profit!" added John Hepworth. Once all the coupons have been handed out, the fundraising participant can simply call us to replenish their Spinners® with new coupons for as little as $5 per Spinner, making their future fundraisers even more profitable than their first.

The two companies believe Spinners® will lead to a revolution in fundraising and help to raise over $200 million in the next 10 years.

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Spinners® is patent pending.
© 2006 ABC Fundraising/The First Way Fundraising Group
Spinners™ is Patent Pending
©2006 ABC Fundraising®/The First Way Fundraising Group